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We are working on setting up a medium for library members to rent and read all of the books in our collection.
Thank you for your patience. We hope to implement this feature as soon as possible.


Religious Scriptures

The religious scriptures collection includes multiple translations and study guides rooted in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Baha'i and more. No matter which religion or spiritual practice you identify with (or don't), we encourage our members to explore all of the world's religious scriptures to better recognize the patterns and lifestyle teachings that overlap.

Mom Reading a Book to her Daughter

History and Culture

Our collection of cultural and historical books are hand selected to ensure that documentation adheres to our literacy values: impartial, factual, and peer reviewed. We have some fiction books, but most are non fiction and depict a specific time in history and the detailed perspective and reference of the cultural groups of that time period.

Science Museum Space Exploration

Natural Science and Philosophy

The natural sciences seek to understand how the world and universe works. Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world, the universe and society. To understand God's creation it's important to study the physical world and reflect on what we learned. In doing so, we can begin to understand the complex nature of reality and recognize the creativity, scale and character of the Creator.

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Young Reader's Collection

The unique collection of spiritual and educational books in our Young Reader's collection are suitable for children of all ages. These books include simplistic writing styles, colorful pictures, and fictional stories that are easy for young readers to find interesting. We also have non-fiction books in this collection that cover the natural sciences, history, and cultural education.

To recommend a specific book, essay, lecture, or sermon that you feel will compliment our library, contact us! 

We are always hunting for new books. Revelation Public Library will accept material from all types of people and organizations, from independent authors, to neighborhood pastors. Donations of books are also appreciated.

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