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Quran Chapter 2 [part 10] - The Cow - The Pilgrimage, Embrace Islam and Reject Satan

196 Complete the pilgrimages, major and minor, for the sake of God. If you are prevented [from doing so], then [send] whatever offering for sacrifice you can afford, and do not shave your heads [a] until the offering has reached the place of sacrifice. If any of you is ill, or has an ailment of the scalp, he should compensate by fasting, or feeding the poor, or offering sacrifice. When you are in safety, anyone wishing to take a break [b] between the minor pilgrimage and the major one must make whatever offering he can afford. If he lacks the means, he should fast for three days during the pilgrimage, and seven days on his return, making ten days in all. This applies to those whose household is not near the Sacred Mosque. Always be mindful of God, and be aware that He is stern in His retribution.

197 The pilgrimage takes place during the prescribed months. There should be no indecent speech, misbehavior, or quarrelling for anyone undertaking the pilgrimage– whatever good you do, God is well aware of it. Provide well for yourselves: the best provision is to be mindful of God– always be mindful of Me, you who have understanding– 198 but it is no offence to seek some bounty from your Lord. [c] When you surge down from Arafat remember God at the sacred place. [d] Remember Him: He has guided you. Before that you were astray. 199 Surge down where the rest of the people do, [e] and ask forgiveness of God: He is most forgiving and merciful. 200 When you have completed your rites, remember God as much as you remember your own fathers, or even more. There are some who pray, ‘Our Lord, give us good in this world,’ and they will have no share in the Hereafter; 201 others pray, ‘Our Lord, give us good in this world and in the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the Fire.’ 202 They will have the share they have worked for: God is swift in reckoning.

203 Remember God on the appointed days. [f] If anyone is in a hurry to leave after two days, there is no blame on him, nor is there any blame on anyone who stays on, so long as they are mindful of God. Be mindful of God, and remember that you will be gathered to Him.

Embrace Islam and Reject Satan

204 There is [a kind of] man whose views on the life of this world may please you [Prophet], he even calls on God to witness what is in his heart, yet he is the bitterest of opponents. 205 When he leaves, he sets out to spread corruption in the land, destroying crops and livestock– God does not like corruption. 206 When he is told, ‘Beware of God,’ his arrogance leads him to sin. Hell is enough for him: a dreadful resting place. 207 But there is also a kind of man who gives his life away to please God, and God is most compassionate to His servants. 208 You who believe, enter wholeheartedly into submission to Godc and do not follow in Satan’s footsteps, for he is your sworn enemy. 209 If you slip back after clear proof has come to you, then be aware that God is almighty and wise.

210 Are these people waiting for God to come to them in the shadows of the clouds, together with the angels? But the matter would already have been decided by then: [g] all matters are brought back to God. 211 [Prophet], ask the Children of Israel how many clear signs We brought them. If anyone alters God’s blessings after he has received them, God is stern in punishment. 212 The life of this world is made to seem glamorous to the disbelievers, and they laugh at those who believe. But those who are mindful of God will be above them on the Day of Resurrection: God provides immeasurably for whoever He pleases.


a. Shaving the head or cutting the hair is one of the rites performed by male pilgrims after most of the other rites have been completed.

b. This means breaking the restrictions of ihram (consecration) termed tamattu.

f It is lawful to trade while on pilgrimage.

c. This is one of the sites of the pilgrimage between Arafat and Mina– a plain called Muzdalifa.

d. Some arrogant tribes used to take a different route from the masses.

e. These come after the day of sacrifice, when two or three days are spent in Mina to perform the rite of stoning the Devil.

f. Silm, which also means ‘peace’.

g. It will be too late for them to repent.

The Qur'an (Oxford World's Classics)

The Qur'an / a new translation by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem, copyright © 2004 Oxford World's Classics (Oxford University Press). Used by permission. All rights reserved.



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