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Quran Chapter 51 - Scattering Winds - God Swears by the Winds, Marvels + Wonders, Why We Are Here

This Meccan sura gives several of the signs of nature as proof of the Resurrection, among them the scattering winds that give the sura its title (verse 1). The disbelievers are reminded of the fate that befell previous rebellious generations and the Prophet is urged to carry on reminding.

In the name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

God Swears by the Winds

1 By those [winds] that scatter far and wide, [a] 2 and those that are heavily laden, [b] 3 that speed freely, 4 that distribute [rain] as ordained! 5 What you [people] are promised is true: 6 the Judgement will come–– 7 by the sky with its pathways, 8 you differ in what you say–– 9 those who turn away from it [c] are [truly] deceived. 10 Perish the liars, 11 those steeped in error and unaware! 12 They ask, ‘When is this Judgement Day coming?’ 13 On a Day when they will be punished by the Fire, 14 ‘Taste the punishment! This is what you wished to hasten.’ 15 The righteous will be in Gardens with [flowing] springs. 16 They will receive their Lord’s gifts because of the good they did before: 17 sleeping only little at night, 18 praying at dawn for God’s forgiveness, 19 giving a rightful share of their wealth to the beggar and the deprived.

Marvels and Wonders

20 On earth there are signs for those with sure faith–– 21 and in yourselves too, do you not see?–– 22 in the sky is your sustenance and all that you are promised. [d] 23 By the Lord of the heavens and earth! All this is as real as your speaking.

Tales from the Lives of the Prophets

24 [Muhammad], have you heard the story of the honored guests of Abraham? 25 They went in to see him and said, ‘Peace.’ ‘Peace,’ he said, [adding to himself] ‘These people are strangers.’ 26 He turned quickly to his household, brought out a fat calf, 27 and placed it before them. ‘Will you not eat?’ he said, 28 beginning to be afraid of them, but they said, ‘Do not be afraid.’ They gave him good news of a son who would be gifted with knowledge. 29 His wife then entered with a loud cry, struck her face, [e] and said, ‘A barren old woman?’ [f] 30 but they said, ‘It will be so. This is what your Lord said, and He is the Wise, the All Knowing.’ 31 Abraham said, ‘What is your errand, messengers?’ 32 They said, ‘We are sent to a people lost in sin, 33 to bring down rocks of clay, 34 marked by your Lord for those who exceed all bounds.’ 35 We brought out such believers as were there– 36 We found only one household devoted to God– 37 and left the town to be a sign for those who fear the painful punishment.

38 There is another sign in Moses: We sent him to Pharaoh with clear authority. 39 Pharaoh turned away with his supporters, saying, ‘This is a sorcerer, or maybe a madman,’ 40 so We seized him and his forces and threw them into the sea: he was to blame. 41 There is another sign in the Ad: We sent the life-destroying wind against them 42 and it reduced everything it came up against to shreds. 43 And also in the Thamud: it was said to them, ‘Make the most of your lives for a while,’ 44 but they rebelled against their Lord’s command, so the blast took them. They looked on helplessly: 45 they could not even remain standing, let alone defend themselves. 46 Before that We destroyed the people of Noah. They were a truly sinful people!

God’s Power

47 We built the heavens with Our power and made them vast, 48 We spread out the earth– how well We smoothed it out!– 49 and We created pairs of all things so that you [people] might take note.

50 [So, say to them, Prophet], ‘Quickly, turn to God– I am sent by Him to give you clear warning– 51 and do not set up any other god alongside Him. I am sent by Him to give you clear warning!’ 52 Every previous people to whom a messenger was sent also said, ‘A sorcerer, or maybe a madman!’ 53 Did they tell one another to do this? No! They are a people who exceed all bounds, 54 so ignore them [Prophet]– you are not to blame– 55 and go on reminding [people], it is good for those who believe to be reminded.

Why We Are Here

56 I created jinn and mankind only to worship Me: 57 I want no provision from them, nor do I want them to feed Me– 58 God is the Provider, the Lord of Power, the Ever Mighty. 59 The evildoers, like their predecessors, will have a share of punishment– they need not ask Me to hasten it– 60 and woe betide those who deny the truth on the Day they have been promised.


a. See 15: 22; this is a benevolent scattering (unlike the one in 18: 45).

b. With rain.

c. Judgement.

d. The punishment and Final Judgement/Destiny/physical and spiritual sustenance.

e. In her incredulity and embarrassment.

f. See 11: 72.

The Qur'an (Oxford World's Classics)

The Qur'an / a new translation by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem, copyright © 2004 Oxford World's Classics (Oxford University Press). Used by permission. All rights reserved.



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