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Quran Chapter 95 - The Fig - Human Nature

A Meccan sura questioning how man can deny the Judgement, and emphasizing the importance of faith and good deeds.

In the name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

1 By the fig, by the olive, 2 by Mount Sinai, 3 by this safe town, [a] 4 We create man in the finest state 5 then reduce him to the lowest of the low, 6 except those who believe and do good deeds–– 7 they will have an unfailing reward.

After this, what makes you [man] deny the Judgement? [b] 8 Is God not the most decisive of judges? [c]


a. Mecca.

b. Or ‘who could say that you [Prophet] are lying about the Judgement?’ (Razi)

c. God would not create you and leave you without Judgement (cf. 23: 115–6).

The Qur'an (Oxford World's Classics)

The Qur'an / a new translation by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem, copyright © 2004 Oxford World's Classics (Oxford University Press). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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