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Rigveda - Hymn 33 - To Rudra (Siva) - Prayers and Offerings, God's Compassion and Grace for Mankind

Father of the storms! [a] May Your grace [b] come [down]:

Do not withhold from us the vision of the sun!

May our warriors on horseback remain unscathed:

O God, may we bring forth abundant descendants!

2 Most healing are the remedies You give;

By these I'd live for a hundred years!

Hatred, distress, disease drive far away,

God, dispel them,—away, on every side!

3 You are the most glorious, of fiercest strength

Of all that's born, the Storm [c], wielder of the bolt!

Deliver us to safety, to the shore beyond distress;

Fend off [from us] all assaults of injury [and disease].

4 May we not provoke Your anger!

By bowing down,

By praising the unsuitable,

By confusing You with other [sins].

Raise up our men with healing remedies,

You are—the best doctor and healer.

5 To God, all things are offered up

Offerings [d]—Prayers [e] [for assistance]:

Him would I appease,

To God, with songs of praise.

Compassionate is He,

Easy to invoke;

Tan and Brown, [his body],

Lovely His lips: [f]

May God not deliver us

Up to His fearful wrath!

6 With tough, compelling force

O God, the Lord of storms

Has cheered my humble heart.

As shade in scorching heat,

Would I, be pain free and attain [You],

Win Your [saving] grace.

7 O God, where is Your caressing hand,

[The hand] that heals, [the hand] that cools,

[The hand] that bears away god-given hurt?

[Great] God, be patient with me!

8 The bull's white spotted markings,—for this,

The great,—great, boundless praise I offer.

I will bow down—deep is my exhausted devotion—

To my wise and artistic God: His fearful name we praise.

9 Solid are his limbs, many are his forms;

Tawny and strong, You have adorned [nature]

With ornaments of lustrous beauty and purpose.

Lord of this remote and distant world:

God [is His name].

Never will celestial sovereignty [g]

Part company with Him!

10 How fit is it that You should birth

Children and parents: [h]

How fit, that You create and wear

A many-colored necklace, adorned [of men]:

How fit it is that You should dispose

Of all this shattering power:

God, there is nothing more powerful than You!

11 Praise, the widely known Son,

Enthroned, by his determination,—like a beast,