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Quran Chapter 23 [part 2] - The Believers - Polytheists, Conclusion

63 But the disbelievers’ hearts are steeped [in ignorance of ] all this; and there are other things besides this that they do. 64 When We bring Our punishment on those corrupted with wealth, they will cry for help: 65 ‘Do not cry out today: you will get no help from Us. 66 Time and time again My messages were recited to you, but you turned arrogantly on your heels, 67 and spent the evening making fun of [the Quran].’

68 Have they not contemplated the Word of God? Has something come to them that did not come to their forefathers? 69 Do they not recognize their Messenger? So why do they reject him? 70 Why do they say he is possessed? He has brought them the truth and most of them hate it, 71 but if the truth were in accordance with their desires, the heavens, the earth, and everyone in them would disintegrate. We have brought them their Reminder and they turn away from it.

72 Do you [Prophet] ask them for any payment? Your Lord’s is the best payment: He is the Best of Providers. 73 You call them to a straight path 74 and those who do not believe in the Hereafter turn away from that path. 75 Even if We were to show them mercy and relieve them of distress, they would blindly persist in their transgression. 76 We have already afflicted them, yet they did not submit to their Lord: they will not humble themselves 77 until We open a gate to severe torment for them– then they will be plunged into utter despair.

78 It is God who endowed you with hearing, sight, and hearts– how seldom you are grateful! 79 It is He who made you multiply on earth. It is to Him that you will be gathered: 80 it is He who gives life and death; the alternation of night and day depends on Him; will you not use your minds? 81 But, like others before them, 82 they say, ‘What? When we die and turn to dust and bones, shall we really be resurrected? 83 We have heard such promises before, and so did our forefathers. These are just ancient fables.’ 84 Say [Prophet], ‘Who owns the earth and all who live in it, if you know [so much]?’ 85 and they will reply, ‘God.’ Say, ‘Will you not take heed?’ 86 Say, ‘Who is the Lord of the seven heavens? Who is the Lord of the Mighty Throne?’ 87 and they will reply, ‘God.’ Say, ‘Will you not be mindful?’ 88 Say, ‘Who holds control of everything in His hand? Who protects, while there is no protection against Him, if you know [so much]?’ 89 and they will reply, ‘God.’ Say, ‘Then how can you be so deluded?’ 90 The fact is, We brought them the truth and they are lying. 91 God has never had a child. Nor is there any god beside Him– if there were, each god would have taken his creation aside and tried to overcome the others. May God be exalted above what they describe! 92 He knows what is not seen as well as what is seen; He is far above any partner they claim for Him.


93 Say, ‘Lord, if You are going to show me the punishment You have promised them, 94 then Lord, do not include me among the evildoers!’ 95 We certainly are able to show you the punishment We have promised them. 96 Repel evil with good– We are well aware of what they attribute to Us– 97 and say, ‘Lord, I take refuge with You from the goadings of the evil ones; 98 I seek refuge with you, Lord, so that they may not come near me.’

99 When death comes to one of them, he cries, ‘My Lord, let me return 100 so as to make amends for the things I neglected.’ Never! This will not go beyond his words: a barrier stands behind such people until the very Day they are resurrected. 101 On that Day when the Trumpet is blown, the ties between them will be as nothing and they will not ask about each other: 102 those whose good deeds weigh heavy will be successful, 103 but those whose balance is light will have lost their souls for ever and will stay in Hell– 104 the Fire will scorch their faces and their lips will be twisted in pain. 105 ‘Were My messages not recited over and over to you and still you rejected them?’ 106 They will say, ‘Lord, our waywardness overcame us and we went astray. 107 Lord, take us away from this and if we go back to our old ways, then we shall really be evildoers.’ 108 He will say, ‘Away with you! In you go! Do not speak to Me! 109 Among My servants there were those who said, “Lord, We believe. Forgive us and have mercy on us: You are the most merciful of all.” 110 But you kept on laughing at them: so intent were you on laughing at them that it made you forget My warning. 111 Today I have rewarded them for their patience: it is they who will succeed.’ 112 He will say, ‘How many years were you on earth?’ 113 and they will reply, ‘We stayed a day or a part of a day, but ask those who keep count.’ 114 He will say, ‘You stayed but a little, if you had only known. 115 Did you think We had created you in vain, and that you would not be brought back to Us?’

116 Exalted be God, the true King, there is no god but Him, the Lord of the Glorious Throne! 117 Whoever prays to another god alongside Him– a god for whose existence he has no evidence– will face his reckoning with his Lord. Those who reject the truth will not prosper. 118 Say [Prophet], ‘Lord, forgive and have mercy: You are the most merciful of all.’

The Qur'an (Oxford World's Classics)

The Qur'an / a new translation by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem, copyright © 2004 Oxford World's Classics (Oxford University Press). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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