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Quran Chapter 97 - The Night of Glory - The Beginning of the Revelation

This Meccan sura celebrates the night when the first revelation of the Quran was sent down.

In the name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

1 We sent it down on the Night of Glory [a]. 2 What will explain to you what that Night of Glory is? 3 The Night of Glory is better than a thousand months [b]; 4 on that night the angels and the Spirit [c] descend again and again with their Lord’s permission on every task; 5 [there is] peace that night until the break of dawn.


a. Laylat al-Qadr, or the Night of Power; may be taken to mean deliberate planning, management and organization, or it may mean value, position and rank.

b. Equal to more than 83 years, a reference to the human lifespan

c. The Angel Gabriel.

The Qur'an (Oxford World's Classics)

The Qur'an / a new translation by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem, copyright © 2004 Oxford World's Classics (Oxford University Press). Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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