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Rigveda - Hymn 154 - To Vishnu - Visualizing the Power of God, The Wide-strider's Children

I will now proclaim the valiant powers of God

Who measured out earth's broad expanses,

Propped up the highest place of meeting:

Three steps he paced, His stride is wide!

2 For [this], His manly powers God is praised,

Like a dread beast he wanders where He will,

Haunting the mountains: in His three wide paces

[Where] all worlds and beings [a] dwell.

3 May [this] my hymn attain to God and inspire him,

Dwelling in the mountains, widely striding Bull,

Who, one and alone, with three steps— this long

And far-flung place of meeting measured out.

4 The marks of his three steps are filled with honey;

Unfailing they rejoice each in its own way.

Though one, in threefold wise he has propped up

Heaven and earth, all beings [and all worlds].

5 Gladly would I reach that well-loved home

Where god-devoted men are steeped in joy,

For that is [the home of] the Wide-strider's children,—

The honey's source in God's highest footstep!

6 To the dwellings of you two, with pleasure we go

Where there are cattle, many-horned and nimble.

There it is the widely striding Bull's

Highest footstep, copious [b], downward shines.


a. Bhuvana. Sanskrit. A being, living creature, mankind.

b. Abundant in supply or quantity; profuse in speech or ideas

Hindu Scriptures

Hindu Scriptures / translated from Sanskrit by R. C. Zaehner, copyright © 1966 J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd. Used by permission. All rights reserved.



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